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autent was established in 1987 by Herward Glinski, with the aim of directly representing suppliers of component parts to the German automotive industry. Before establishing the company, Mr. Glinski worked for many years as the technical director of a large engineering company, which concentrated on the automotive business. He therefore has extensive knowledge and experience in this industrial sector.

As the company grew, its business activities expanded, too. In addition to the commercial agency, the area of product engineering arose. This is where construction and engineering work is performed for customers and partners. Furthermore, the area of services and quality services was expanded to assist customers, also in serial production, after having successfully concluded contracts with automotive manufacturers. A wide variety of services in the field of quality management are performed by the staff in this division.

Over the past 20 years, autent has helped numerous component suppliers open the crucial door to the German automotive industry, making them what they are today. General Motors has awarded various “Supplier of the year” titles to component suppliers whose success was based to a considerable extent on autent.

In January 2007, Thomas Glinski took over the active management of the company. Since joining the company in 1990, he has been able to gain important experience and build up the necessary skills to successfully lead autent on the road to the future.

autent currently collaborates with important component supplier companies from Germany, Spain, Sweden, China, Poland, Mexiko, Japan, Wales, Italy and the USA, representing them at GM/OPEL, Volkswagen, Audi and Daimler.