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We know how it works!

autent will help you construct innovative components that make vehicles worldwide more efficient, faster, safer, more environmentally friendly, comfortable or simply better. Thanks to our expertise and contacts, we bring people together who pursue a common objective: meeting the challenges of global competition.
Although high tech is predominant, even in communication, personal contacts to customers are more important than ever, and lead to the desired success!

autent is always there where the decisions are made! In the departments of development and the serial procurement divisions of the OEMs.

autent promotes dialogue in the purchasing divisions, and is in direct contact with production sites!

We are the personal touch between products and satisfied users!
From the first constructive solution to the problem, via the prototype stage and the serial application to spare parts! autent is the products’ living sponsor.

Together with a cooperation partner, we can also carry out CAD drawings in all customary formats UG, CATIA, Pro-E, as well as simulations.