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autent is with you from the very beginning. We will accompany your project from the first construction idea to the serial production. We are in close contact to all of the partners involved in the process, and our entire range of knowledge and years of experience are available to you at all times. We ensure that your visions are transformed into tangible success.

Our experts are in daily contact not only with the OEM but also with the supplier. This close collaboration ensures that all commercial aspects are undertaken in a timely and hence cost-effective manner. All response times are therefore shortened, and we are already able to recognize the wishes of both parties in the initial development phases, enabling us to act as an interface.

autent also has close contacts to all levels within the automotive industry, ensuring that all potential opportunities are precisely identified and advanced.

Successful acquisition can only be performed with the assistance of efficient information management. You can only get a head start on your competitors with the use of extensive and reliable information, leading to the generation of orders.


We bring together those who belong together.

Business activities

  • Direct representation within the German automotive industry
  • Proposals for developments for the automotive industry and its component suppliers
  • Supervision of development and serial supplies in automotive plants
  • Preparation and negotiation support for quotations
  • Support from experts in the case of specialist and logistics problems
  • Regular reporting on developments in the automotive industry
  • Expert support in concluding new business transactions